Friday, 27 April 2012

for you 

I miss your face,I miss your smile,I miss your eyes,I miss your lips,I miss your kisses my hand,I miss your hugs,I miss holding onto you ,I miss your back,I miss your mustache,I miss your crazy laugh *you are so monkey :')*,I miss how you cheer me up when im down,I miss your voice,I miss how you care, i miss your texting and calling me . seriously i miss you so much i don't know why i feel like this, i just want you come back and say "hi fatihah , i miss you" please come to me dear superman :'( you know untill now i single because of you 5 month okay . i don't want anyother boy . hey A i miss the moment i and you hang out time bulan puasa , you hold my hand and say "i love you please don't left me" then you kiss my hand urhh i miss you so much, i always crying when i thinking about you, how about you? you okay? how about your life without me? and blablabla :'( i try to be strong but i can't . i want call you , i want hear your voice . hmmm My mind will erase every detail but my heart will always remember about you :'(

I would tell you that i love you from the bottom of my heart but that would be a lie because for you, my heart has no bottom
Let the past be memories and the sad moments be your miseries. Forget what you don't want to remember and make your goals be your center.

sorry a lot if my english broken :)